Starter Kit Turtorial

Watch our short tutorial video demonstrating the Starter Kit contents and how to use it to test areas and see which of the three Smart Strip options is best for you.

You will quickly see how Smart Strip can save you time and money and that using the Starter Kit is the best way to decide which is right for the surface that you want to strip.

We always recommend using the Starter kit as it will make sure you have the right product to suit each projects individual requirements.

  • Open Kit and layout the contents
  • Mask 3 small sections on to the item you wish to strip.
  • Cut the Paper to 3 sections big enough to cover these sections
  • Put on the protective gloves provided
  • Apply a thick layer of each of the test pots to each of the test areas using the provided brushes (One brush for red and reuse the same brush for blue and green).
  • Test the Thickness. It should be around the depth of the start of the silver section of a 1 Pound or Euro Coin.
  • Once the thickness is correct. Place each sheet of pre cut paper over the test areas and smooth gently to keep the thickness even.
  • Leave for a minimum of 6 hours and check progress. Leave longer if required.
  • Slowly peel back the paper and use the provided scraper to remove the paint layers.
  • Remove the masking tape.
  • Clean the test areas with water and the provided pad by wiping gently.
  • Use the provided Cirti-Lize to neutralize the red test area by following the instructions on the packet.
  • Decide which product has worked the best for you and proceed to strip the rest of the item using just that colour.
  • Marvel at the results and enjoy your Smart-Strip journey.