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Need a revolutionary paint remover that is safe for the user, the substrate, and the environment? The Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Removal System is an  water-based, and low odour paint stripper that is extremely effective in removing multiple layers of architectural and industrial coatings from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces. Removing paint from wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, and most fiberglass and plastics does not require caustic, toxic chemicals. Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is an ideal product for removing harmful lead-based paint and marine paints without damaging the surfaces underneath.

Home Improvement

SmartStrip is perfect for paint removal on delicate areas such as cornices, banisters, doors and frames

Smart Strip


SmartStrip Pro is ideal for the paint removal of high performance coatings such as epoxy coatings, marine coatings and acrylic paints

Smart Strip Pro

Architecture & Industrial

SmartStrip1 can remove a variety of coatings, as a paste it can be applied to both interior and industrial intricate surfaces.

Smart Strip 1

Multi Surface

From wood, Metal, Plaster, Plastic, Glass and many more we have the right product to suit your needs.

Easy and Safe

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to.

All The Products You Need

Our complete starter kit contains everything you need to test and decide which product is perfect for your needs.

Cost Saving

Saves time an money compared to the alternatives available.

Paint removal with no limits

SmartStrip is a unique paint removal system, designed to make paint removal safer, cleaner and easier! For more information see our handy guides below

SMART STRIP™ is a water-based paste that is easily applied with a brush, roller or airless sprayer. SmartStrip can remove upto 20 layers of coatings and is designed to be left to work from 6 -12 hours or longer. Protected by a unique laminated paper which accelerates the process of removal, whilst ensuring the product does not dry out. After a suitable exposure, simply remove the softened paint with a scraper. Remaining residue can be removed with a sponge and water. A neutralization of the surface is not necessary.

• Low Odour
• Water-based
• pH-neutral
• Formulated without methylene chloride or corrosive
• Ideal for virtually any interior and exterior surface

SMART STRIP™ PRO like SMART STRIP™ is a water-based advanced paint remover. It effectively removes high performance and lead coatings. It is formulated without methylene chloride and is neither carcinogenic, corrosive or flammable. It can effectively remove multiple layers of oily, hydrous, acrylic, lacquer & lead paints as well as epoxies, urethanes or elastomeric materials from all interior and exterior surfaces (wood, brick, stone, concrete, metal, plastic, glass, fiberglass, etc ).

• Low Odour
• Water-based
• Acidic
• Formulated without methylene chloride
• Ideal for marine restorations

SMART STRIP1™ is a water-based paste that which can easily be applied to a multitude of intricate industrial surfaces. SMART STRIP1™ can remove upto 30 layers of paint, including paint containing lead particles. If the lead paint is kept moist, no airborne lead particles will be produced. It has been designed to stay wet and effective for extended periods of time using the innovative laminated paper. Finally, neutralize the surface with provided Citri-Lize ™

• Low Odour
• Water-based
• Alkaline
• Formulated without methylene chloride
• Ideal for architectural restorations and the removal of lead colours

Complete Starter Kit

Contains everything you need to begin your SmartStrip journey.

Because all surfaces are unique, and it is often impossible to know your coating history, we advise that you use the Complete Starter Kit to determine which product is most suitable. The kit contains everything you will need to test a substrate, including a 455ml pot of each SMART STRIP™product, laminated paper, brushes, scraper, gloves and a scouring pad to clean the surface. Begin your paint removal journey, with the knowledge you have the perfect product for the job.

• Complete test kit solution
• All tools provided
• Easy and simple instructions
• Eliminates all uncertainties
• Online video support

Each kit includes the following:

  • SmartStrip
  • SmartStripPRO
  • SmartStrip1
  • Gloves
  • Cloths
  • Scraper
  • Brushes
  • Laminated Paper

Just 4 Simple Steps


Mask the area in to three secions about 250mm in size to avoid overlap. Put on the supplied rubber gloves. Apply all three products in the test kit (SmartStrip, SmartStripPRO, SmartStrip1) in the the pre masked areas. Apply the correct thickness (around twice as thick as the coatings you wish to strip).


Place the Dumond laminated paper on to each of the 3 samples. The printed side of the paper should be facing away from the paste. Smooth the test areas lightly. If required glue all edges to the ground to protect from rain or wind. Leave for 6 – 24 Hours depending on how many layers of pait you are removing.


Check the results. If the temperature is cooler then it may take longer to work. If over 15 coats are being removed a second application may be required. Always use a test patch kit to assess first. Peel the sheet back and use the supplied scraper to remove the paint layers and decide which product best suits you.


Once the paint and paste has been removed, immediately clean the area. To do this use a scouring pad or medium sized nylon brush and water. Or a high pressure hose or washer. This will remove any excess. The test surfaces should now be clean and free from the layers of paint. Decide which is best for you so you can finish the job quickly and easily.

A Fantastic Timesaver

With results that speak for themselves

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